Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How Spring Cleaning Can Be Fun?

Nobody looks forward to cleaning the house, but we all know it is essential after a long winter, especially if you are planning to list and sell using a professional Realtor®. But by getting the whole family involved and building fun into every step, you can make spring cleaning a lot faster and less painful.

Here are a few tips to make the process enjoyable, easy and more profitable:

    Have a plan. Make a list of everything that needs to get done and include smaller, age-appropriate jobs for children. Start by removing clutter, put things back in their proper place, then start a deep clean. Home buyers are turned off by clutter and "stuff" packed into closets and other storage areas (including the garage), so tidying up and freeing space ensures your home looks great and is well presented.

    Turn up the music. Nothing makes time go by faster than loud motivational music. Get everyone moving to the beat or dancing their way to a tidier place. And when getting the house ready to show, change the tune to something more serene and calming. Buyers prefer to view homes with some background sounds or music.

    Make a game of it. Go skating for dust bunnies, wax on - wax off your windows, Play expiration date detective to clean out the fridge, Alphabetize the spice drawer, hold a sock-matching race. You get the idea... The more fun you make it, the longer the attention span will be for everyone helping.

    Reward for work well done. Stock up on little prizes like granola, chocolate bars, juice boxes or something special and recognize when work gets done (even if it isn't to your high standard). This is a great incentive to help keep the house in tip top shape for showings and open houses too.

What can you do with all the extra stuff you need to get rid of? A garage sale is ideal and can be a way to promote your home for sale by bringing attention to it. Several places in town welcome donations including the Salvation Army, Waste Wise/Re-use It Stores and perhaps local Thrift Shops, and may even pick up what you are offering them. Call them for more details.


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